Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Brief Natter

No reviews I'm afraid this time, for a number of reasons.
The primary one is that I can't drink at the moment due to having a slight issue with a tooth, and the industrial strength painkillers that I've been given. Seriously people, these things could level livestock.
This leads into the second reason, I've been in pain, and I don't write well when I'm in pain.

Right, that's my whine finished then, onto some exciting news. First, the beer is decanted out of the fermentation tub, and is barrelled  and bottled, should be ready to drink in about two weeks, I've taken lots of pictures, and I'll be sure to upload them in a post.
My rhubarb that I planted a month or so ago is growing well, rhubarb wine in a couple of years then.

Also, this year we've harvested copious quantities of damsons, and have made 2 litres of damson gin. It's currently sat in a demijohn taking on flavour, and in a few weeks, it'll be going into bottles. Yum

Finally, as some people may know, this Friday is Morcambe's first food and wine festival, organised by the Wineyard, see my earlier links for information on their website. This promises to be an exciting event, and at £5 per ticket, it's a steal. I shall be attending, despite the inherent difficulties in getting to England from the Isle of Man, and I hope that lots of people turn up. This is the sort of thing the area needs, local people supporting local shops who buy from, amongst others, local suppliers. If anyone sees me there, assuming that anyone is actually reading this, please come and say hello, and do excuse me if I'm rather tired and emotional; to use a Parliamentary expression.

That's it for now I'm afraid, and all I can say is that I did warn you that I don't write well under these conditions.

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